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Warrior teaser : Routine cop story???

Our opinion: Out of blue why did Ram chose this cop role that too with Tamil director?? The teaser looks ok and ram looks are good. But Aadhi as the villain makes a massive impact with his looks and body language in the teaser. Let's see how this cop story fares at the box office.

Major trailer: The trailer seeming picture-perfect tribute to major Sandeep

Our opinion: Sesh is rigorously working on Major moviesform the past few years. The trailer which released now seems huge. In a single li,ne we can say the movie will sure hit the right chord with the audience. Let's wait and see how emotional audience will find this film on June 3rd

Liger theme: Emi chepadaniki try chesthunav Viajy anna?

Our opinion: Picha lite tesuko

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