About Us

News3 is a platform which started off with an aim to entertain movie lovers.

News3 was founded by Ravi Teja Katakam on the 10th of August 2018. Due to his immense passion towards movies, Ravi Teja thought of building a platform called “News3” where he could share his views on movies and that's how the journey began.

We are not only an entertainment platform but also a news sharing platform. We are doing this continuously without fail from the past 4 years, till now. Currently, News3 is building its focus on making short films. Soon our first short film will be out too!

News3 has a huge team of passionate workers, who work every single day to deliver the right content for our audience in every possible way.

Since we want to make movie updates easy to access for our audience, we do not believe in having just a single social media platform. But instead, we look to entertain our followers from every social media platform. Therefore, News3 is available on all social media platforms that are majorly popular.

Our Followers Love!

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